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FAQs for Kumon Parents

Whether your children are new to Kumon or have been in the program for years, you may have some unanswered questions about the program. We’d like to provide you with a list of some of our most frequently asked questions. For more answers to your questions, please visit us at www.kumon.com.

  • Will Kumon replicate my children’s school curriculum? Will it be changing to align with Common Core standards in the U.S.?

The Kumon Math and Reading Programs are meant to supplement your children’s school curriculum, not replace it. Our unique curriculum covers many of the same topics as your children’s school curriculum. The Kumon Program begins at the preschool level and incrementally progresses through high school level material to help your children master the critical math and reading skills they will need throughout their academic careers.

  • When can I start my children at Kumon?

The Kumon Method was created to help children of all ages and academic levels. There is no age limit on when children can be enrolled in our program. This is a decision that must be made by the instructor and parent together. To learn if your children are ready for Kumon, please visit your local Kumon center.

  • How does Kumon differ from tutoring?

Unlike the short-term solution of tutoring, Kumon’s self-learning technique allows students to develop problem-solving skills on their own. Kumon students develop confidence through self-sufficiency as well as skills and study habits that will benefit them throughout their academic careers.

  • How often will my children do Kumon assignments?

Your children will be given Kumon assignments to complete every day. Most students complete assignments at the center twice a week, and at home the remainder of the week.

  • Does Kumon offer preparation for standardized tests?

Although we do not specifically provide students with test preparation for the SAT, ACT, or state-standardized testing, Kumon students gain the work skills necessary to feel best-prepared for major standardized exams. Kumon’s timed assignments help your children adjust to working under test-taking conditions, and will develop key time-management and problem-solving skills.

  • My children are resistant to completing their Kumon worksheets each night. What should I do?

If your children are having difficulty completing their Kumon homework, first you need to answer the question, why? Set up a meeting with your Kumon Instructor and discuss what you can do to help your children improve their attitude towards their Kumon homework.

  • What does the face in the Kumon logo mean?

The Kumon logo includes a face called “The Thinking Face,” which represents the expression a child has the moment he or she figures out the solution to a problem. This face also represents how students, instructors and staff continue to think and grow as individuals.

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