Why are people reading less? The Reason Fewer Americans are Reading

Why are people reading less? The Reason Fewer Americans are Reading

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Key point to why people are reading less:

  • People are reading less because not only are there more things to read, but there are more products and platforms competing for your attention everyday and this includes the infinite distractions provided by the internet.

According to the National Endowment for the Arts, there is a steady decline of literary reading. In fact, only 43 percent of American adults read at least one work of literature each year.

Between video games, tablets, streaming services and the endless trap of the Internet, it is true that there are many more distractions today than 30 years ago.

So, this leads us to our pressing question. Does it even matter if people are reading fewer works of literature? In short, yes! There’s proof that reading actual books on paper is more beneficial than skimming social media posts. This has also been proven true for news updates on digital screens.

Reading literary fiction appears to boost the quality of empathy in the people who read it because it allows them to see the world from another person’s perspective, whether it’s the author or the character imagined in the novel.

And empathy isn’t the only benefit obtained from reading literature.

Check out seven research driven reasons to read more literature.

7 Reasons To Read More Literature Infographic

There’s no better time to believe in the value of reading for your children’s development. Reading just twenty minutes a day can help your children achieve new heights.

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