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Finding the Motivation to succeed

Nathan Wong

Kumon helps me establish goals and pushes me to work towards them one level at a time,” said Nathan. It keeps me going.”

Remember getting that extra push on the swing set just as you needed the momentum to soar even higher? That’s how Nathan felt when he was encouraged by his mom, just as his motivation in Kumon began to dwindle.

“Nathan started Kumon the summer before entering third grade and it was hard for him to get into the rhythm of having math homework every day, including holidays and breaks,” recalls Nicole, his mother. “Kumon taught him to complete what he starts and to be disciplined in everything he does. Now I don’t push him as much. His goal is to complete the Kumon Math Program and he is more than excited to do so.”

At age 10 and three years into the Kumon Math Program, Nathan’s a few levels away from meeting that goal. He admitted that there were still times when he felt like giving up, but after looking at his goals and how far he’s come, he continues to keep going.  “Never give up,” advises Nathan.

Hiroko Ortiz, Nathan’s Kumon Instructor, describes Nathan as an intense student with razor sharp focus. Hiroko works with all of her students to develop their self-study and analytical skills and Nathan is progressing nicely. He does this by completing one level at a time. Solid study skills beat cramming any day!

Nathan is a Boy Scout, church volunteer and choir member, plays the piano and violin, and loves math. He represented his school at a 2016 County Math Tournament and tied for first with another student in a county competition.

“Sharing first place made me realize that I can do so much more and that I have the potential to build a stronger inner character within myself,” says Nathan.

One year later, Nathan backed his statement by winning the 2017 Tournament. A double victory—marking a first time win for his school and a personal best of winning two years in a row.

Nathan has several dreams for his future. He wants to become a dentist and an entrepreneur and when the opportunity presents itself, to use his skills to do missionary work.