Five Skills Your Children Will Need to Succeed in the Future - Kumon

Five Skills Your Children Will Need to Succeed in the Future

A large part of setting your children on the path to success is ensuring they have developed the critical math and reading skills needed throughout their academic and professional careers. Your children will not only need to excel academically, but also need confidence, motivation, and strong critical thinking skills such as the ability to problem-solve and persevere.

  • Confidence

When your children are confident in their abilities, they can accomplish anything they set their minds to achieve. Building confidence in your children is as simple as providing encouragement and celebrating their achievements. One long-term solution to equipping your children with confidence is to enroll them in the Kumon Math and Reading Program. As your children progress through each Kumon level, they will not only be practicing their math and reading skills, but will also be working to build their self-esteem and confidence in order to achieve their goals.

  • Effort

How successful you are is often determined by how much energy you put into any given task. The effort your children put into completing an assignment can determine whether or not they are rewarded with academic accomplishments. Through the Kumon Method’s daily math and reading exercises, your children will be working towards achieving academic goals, getting closer with each Kumon worksheet that they complete.

  • Initiative

By allowing your children to make decisions about their education, you are helping them actively participate in their academic successes and encourage them to explore topics that interest them. Your children will be given the tools and confidence they need to succeed through their focus of independent learning

  • Perseverance

It is common to want to give up when things become challenging. However, the ability to work through difficulties often results in building character and achieving goals.  Kumon students learn to persevere through daily practice of assignments designed with incremental levels of difficulty. Children move forward in the levels based on their own abilities in math and reading.

  • Problem-solving

When your children use their critical thinking skills to analyze a math problem or to build conclusions based on a given text, they are practicing the skills that they will need to apply in the future.  As your children progress though the Kumon Math and Reading Programs, each problem and worksheet they complete helps practice their abilities to quickly and accurately solve increasingly difficult problems.

There is no single route to achieving success. However, by making sure your children have these five essential skills, you are helping your children build the foundation for a successful future.