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Fostering Academically Advanced Students in Kumon

While students who are struggling academically tend to receive more help in school, children with stronger academic abilities may not be reaching their full potential. “High-Achieving Students in the Era of No Child Left Behind,” a study from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, showed that 80% of teachers are more likely to provide one-on-one help to struggling students, while only 5% are more likely to provide individual attention to advanced students.

One of the main goals of the Kumon Program is to have children study above grade level. Children who study above grade level usually acquire more positive attitudes towards learning and better study habits. Confidence is enhanced through the sense of accomplishment achieved by studying new materials independently. This motivates advanced students to continue to pursue excellence and challenge themselves, even expanding their achievements into areas other than academics, like music or sports.

A Kumon Student receives individualized instruction, ensuring that each child is studying at the level that best meets his or her ability, regardless of age or school grade. Studying material in Kumon above grade level offers children the academic stimulation needed to achieve success.