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Fostering Independence: What It Means as a Kumon Parent and Student

As we previously discussed in the “How to Help Your Children Develop Independence” blog post, one of the main goals of the Kumon Program is to encourage students to develop into independent learners. Through the Kumon Program, students take an active role in their education through daily practice. This  provides them with the opportunity to learn at their own pace and gain confidence. We have compiled a collection of Kumon Success Stories from Kumon Parents and Students discussing how the Kumon Program helped foster independent learning in and outside of the Kumon Classroom.

Kumon Parents

“When my son was small, he would ask for help. As he grew up, he would ask me to sit with him while he did his homework. Now, he hardly needs any help and does his homework on his own.” – Sudip, Kumon Dad from San Jose, CA

“Siya has always been good at math and reading, but after starting Kumon, we could see the difference as she was completing and advancing through the levels.” – Shweta, Kumon Mom from Santa Clara, CA

“Looking at our daughter’s potential, we wanted to enroll her in a program that not just allows her to learn new concepts and techniques, but also provides her a framework that instils confidence, discipline and independent learning.” – Vic, Kumon Dad from Santa Clara, CA

“As a parent, you want your child to have every chance to be successful. Kumon has helped both of my girls become confident with their academic talents and develop problem-solving skills.” – Clare, Kumon Mom from Shrewsbury, NJ


Kumon Students

“Kumon trains me to learn math and reading concepts on my own so that I don’t have to always depend on someone. It has helped me build self-confidence, and I have learned responsibility and self-discipline.” – Ishaan, Kumon Student from San Jose, CA

“Kumon made me think and work harder. I feel organized, and I want to keep learning new concepts.” – Crystal, Kumon Student from San Francisco, CA

“The benefit of learning on your own is that you can explore different ways of thinking, and you can go through difficult concepts on your own without help.” – Cherry, Kumon Student from St. Louis, MO

“Because of Kumon, I am no longer frustrated with school. I’m able to work independently, get things done faster and focus on my other activities like cheerleading.” – Gabby, Kumon Student from Albuquerque, NM

“Kumon helps me see things before I see them in school, so it’s easier to learn.” – Carly, Kumon Student from Shrewsbury, NJ

“Kumon has taught me many things and it changed the way I learn things. It has led me to be more independent, hardworking, and responsible. With the techniques Kumon has showed me, I am now able to teach myself with confidence and without the help of another.” – Aishwarya, Kumon Student from San Diego, CA

“The self-teaching style of learning promoted by Kumon encourages critical thinking, a skill very useful in high school math. Daily practice is not easy, but it really does help. Math in school is a lot easier for me for that very reason. It is no longer a subject that I need to study for as it comes naturally to me.” – Vivek, Kumon Student from San Diego