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Fostering Your Children’s Creativity through Independent Learning

“The ability to think or be creative requires both intuition and perseverance. One big feature of the Kumon Method is to give students both.” – Toru Kumon


The ability to think critically and creatively is an essential part of solving problems. In many cases, you need to think outside the box and rely on previous experiences to tackle obstacles by  formulating the best solution. This ability  is a noticeable effect of the Kumon Program.


Throughout the Kumon Program, students are  encouraged to take an active role in their studies through the completion of a series of daily worksheets. These worksheets correspond to each student’s needs and abilities. In that sense, any student, regardless of age or ability, can achieve success in the Kumon Program. Each worksheet in the Kumon Program is a part of a carefully structured step-by-step learning process that builds upon each student’s prior knowledge to tackle the next series of problems. Unlike tutoring or traditional learning programs, each student is expected to learn how to solve each problem independently. The structure of the Kumon Program encourages students to use their  critical thinking skills to solve problems.

As Toru Kumon said, “What we aim for is not just to improve students’ school grades by simply developing their abilities in math and reading, but for students to attain the mindset required for self-learning, and acquire enough self-learning experience that it becomes a habit. This is the true value of the Kumon Method. We must allow children to experience the joy of self-learning and advancing on their own. We hope they will then continue learning by themselves even after they go out into the real world, and grow up into people who give their best in everything they do.”


By enrolling your children in the Kumon Program, you not only encourage  them to develop into self-learners but also helping build their creative and critical thinking skills.