Gabriella, 14: Instructor Anne Parham - Kumon

Gabriella, 14: Instructor Anne Parham

January 13, 2011 ~

It’s not always an easy thing for 14-year-old Gabby and her family to fit Kumon into their schedule with cheerleading, but she isn’t willing to give up — not with her sights set on program completion in the next four years.

“I want to complete the math and reading program before I finish high school,” said Gabby, a ninth grader in Albuquerque, N.M.

When Gabby was 10 and having homework problems, her mom, Laura, turned to the Internet to find a program to help her. When she first enrolled Gabby into the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Rio Rancho with Instructor Anne Parham, Gabby would complain that Kumon wasn’t helping, and it wasn’t until a few months into Kumon that Laura truly saw Gabby’s progress.

“Gabby wrote a letter to a friend, and I told her I would check it for her, anticipating that there would need to be many edits made,” said Laura. “But when I read it, I was amazed at how well written it was, and that’s when I realized that Kumon was truly helping her.”

Laura has also noticed changes in Gabby’s time management skills, attitude at home, confidence and her motivation to succeed academically.

“Because of Kumon, I am no longer frustrated with school, I’m able to work independently, get things done faster and focus on my other activities like cheerleading,” said Gabby.

Gabby often sits in the parent waiting room after she finishes her Kumon work to wait for her mom to pick her up, and even other parents have noticed the strides she has made, often asking her questions about her Kumon experience.

When Gabby graduates from high school, she hopes to attend the University of New Mexico to major in architecture, but for now she will concentrate on completing the Math and Reading Program and cheerleading.