Gaurav, 13: Instructor, Nausheen Ahmed - Kumon

Gaurav, 13: Instructor, Nausheen Ahmed

February 7, 2012 ~
Gaurav has set a high standard for the students of the Kumon of Kendall Park Center by being the first to complete the reading program, and doing so by the age of twelve.  That success has translated to his schoolwork as well, where he is a High Achievement Honor Roll Student – accomplished by earning A’s and A+’s in every class.
One might think based on his remarkable achievements that Gaurav spends his time solely working on schoolwork and Kumon assignments, but that is certainly not the case.  He has a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo and earned the New Jersey State Champion title in 2009. He is a passionate ice hockey player for the Princeton Tigers, hoping to become a professional hockey player one day, and loves to play saxophone in symphonic and jazz bands.
How does Gaurav manage his busy schedule while staying on track with his academics? “I would get my work finished by immediately getting it done after school so that I didn’t have any work to do after my activities,” he said. Gaurav was able to see his dedication and hard work paying off, which motivated him to complete Kumon Reading Program. “I was getting my schoolwork done faster and I felt great. When I started doing better on tests and quizzes, I really felt that Kumon was making a difference.”
Gaurav’s parents were looking for a program that would help him gain stronger reading comprehension skills.  They chose Kumon, and enrolled their other children Anya, 14, and Sheal, 10, “We realized that all three could benefit from Kumon methods and we enrolled them in both Math and English curricula.” When schedules became hectic between school, sports and other activities, there were times they considered eliminating Kumon from their daily routine, “But Gaurav would always step up and say that he wanted to complete the program. This was clear endorsement that he was seeing the benefits as well. “
They have high hopes for all of their children, and are very proud of Gaurav’s accomplishments. “Our son Gaurav has already made great strides and our dream is that he continues to do so. We want him to be happy, healthy and successful in all that he does.”