George, 11: Instructor, Lynn Barnwell - Kumon

George, 11: Instructor, Lynn Barnwell

January 31, 2012 ~

At just eight years old, George had set a very ambitious goal – to complete the Kumon Reading program before middle school.

George began his Kumon studies when he was just five years old, enrolling in reading and math at his local Kumon Center in Shreveport, LA.  He began the reading program in level 3A, where after just one month he achieved ASHR, studying material above his grade level.  In less than two years, George completed seven reading levels and was excelling in Kumon Math as well.

Determined to accomplish his goal, George never missed a Kumon assignment.  “There were times I did not want to do Kumon, for instance on vacations and holidays,” said George.  “When I reached the higher levels, my thinking changed.  My Kumon Worksheets have been to many beautiful beaches and places in the world.”

George attributes his determination to the support he received from his instructor.  “Ms. Lynn has motivated me by always having faith in me and never doubting I could do it.  She is one of the best teachers I have ever had,” said George.

Encouragement from Ms. Lynn and his family gave George the confidence he needed.  “George has supportive parents who believe in him, and are totally committed to Kumon,” said Ms. Lynn.  “They worked together to set a goal of program completion in reading, and completion in math will follow.”

In December 2011, George reached his goal and completed Kumon’s Reading program.  Now 11 years old and in the 6th grade, George is focused on completing the Kumon Math program.  He is currently on level J in math, learning material many students do not see until the end of middle school.

The benefits are clear to George.  “I am never bored in school,” he says.  “Because I am advanced in math and reading, I can explore other subjects in more depth.”

A baseball enthusiast who loves to collect cards and follow the Yankees, George also enjoys reading (history especially), skateboarding, and playing video games.