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Getting Started with Kumon for New Kumon Parents

For more than 55 years, parents around the world have discovered how Kumon helps their children succeed in the classroom and in life. By empowering children to become self-learners, Kumon Students are able to confidently overcome new challenges and achieve more than they ever thought possible. As your children take their first steps as a Kumon Student, learn more about the introductory steps to help you transition into the role of a Kumon Parent.

The Placement Test

Your children’s Kumon Journey begins with a placement test that will measure their abilities in math and reading. This, along with careful observations made by the Kumon Instructor, helps determine their starting point in the Kumon Program. Your children’s instructor will design an individualized program based on your children’s specific abilities, needs, and goals.

The Kumon Classroom

Once your children enroll in the Kumon Program, they begin to attend class at their local Kumon Center. Students will attend class at their center either one or two days per week. When they take a seat in the classroom, your children will take out and complete their assignments for the day. The assignments are then graded and returned to students to correct until they are 100% correct. Once the classwork has been successfully completed, your children will leave with assignments to work on at home throughout the week.

Kumon At Home

A portion of the assignments that your children’s Kumon Instructor provides will need to be completed every day up until the next scheduled return to your center. Generally, each assignment should take between fifteen to thirty minutes per subject to complete. However, completion times may vary based on your children’s abilities.

To help your children make the most of their Kumon experience, try implementing the steps below:

  • Designate a time and place at home for your children to complete their Kumon assignments.
  • Remind your children that their Kumon assignments are a part of their daily routine just like chores and homework.
  • Look for opportunities to celebrate your children’s small and big achievements at Kumon. These may include the completion of an assignment without any errors or successfully reaching the next math or reading level.
  • Schedule regular meetings with your children’s Kumon Instructor to discuss their progress and make sure they are on track to reach their annual goals.
  • If your children get stuck on a concept, let your Kumon Instructor know in order to help guide your children and make adjustments to their lesson plans.

If you are currently not a Kumon Parent, but are interested in becoming one, please locate your local Kumon Center to schedule a parent orientation and begin the discussion of your children’s needs, abilities and goals.