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Getting The Family Organized

Now that the school year is underway, it is a perfect time for the family to come together and get organized. There are many simple, creative ways to organize your home and family responsibilities so that everyone can contribute to making the new school year a success.

Clutter is one of the most common problems hindering a family’s organization. There are just too many things competing for too little space. Along with your child, go through bedroom closets and remove the unworn, out-of-season clothing and donate it. Work with your child to determine what items no longer fit or are worn out. Depending on the climate and where you live, consider storing summer clothes in a separate storage bin to free up more space in your child’s closest.

For young children, a toy library is the perfect solution for organization. Keep the majority of toys in a large storage container. Leave several toys out, and when children want to check out another toy, they can choose one to turn in. Keep rotating them so the family isn’t always tripping over toys. For older children, a hanging shoe rack will prevent shoes from invading the rest of the house. Adding a simple magazine rack in your home will help keep magazines from being scattered throughout the house.

With the new school year comes a more hectic schedule for everyone. Managing the household duties can be simplified by creating a checklist on a poster board. Attach a marker to a string and punch a hole in the corner of the poster board to attach it. Post the checklist where everyone can see it. This will help remind family members of what chores need to get done. Everyone in the family can use the checklist for any kind of chore, such as walking the dog, taking out the trash, cleaning the bathrooms or helping to fold the laundry. Try rotating duties to teach your children new skills so that when they do move away, they have basic household skills to run their own homes.

Organizing the family and your home isn’t always easy. It requires planning, but the life skills your child will gain are immeasurable. Start small, and new challenges will present themselves. When old problems are solved, it will be easier to spot the other areas that need more organization. Start out the new school year right and organize the family to set the stage for a great year, while helping your child prepare for living independently in the future.