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Getting Your Child Ready to Head Back to School

From now until September, the dog days of summer will gradually fade into a cool autumn breeze and your child’s first day of school. Whether you—or your child—are ready, that day is coming closer. While you may have physically checked everything off your child’s back-to-school list, you may still need to prepare in other ways. Add these three steps to get your child ready for the upcoming school year.

  1. Set a new routine.

The onset of fall means the start of a new routine. While your child may not be looking forward to exchanging days at the beach for days in the classroom, work with him or her to determine what time specific activities such as homework or chores can be completed. Allowing your child control over when he or she completes a task can make the transition from summer to fall easier.


  1. Establish a study area at home.

A quiet environment away from TVs, computers, and video games is the best place to create an atmosphere for learning. In addition, your child’s study area should be located where you can easily see your child working. Doing so can help keep your child focused on the task at hand while you are accessible if needed.


  1. Identify goals for the school year.

Setting goals at the start of the school year, as discussed in the “Keep Your Children Motivated to Learn” blog post, can help encourage your child to complete them. Help your child visualize the progress made towards these goals by creating a visual chart like the one featured in our “Ready, Set, Goal: How to Create a Visual Learning Goal Chart” blog post. Using a chart to track your child’s progress can help provide him or her with the extra motivation to achieve the goals.

In addition to these three tips, consider enrolling your child in the Kumon Program this fall. Not only will you prepare your child for the start of a successful new school year, but you’ll also help him or her develop fundamental skills. The Kumon Program helps develop essential skills that will benefit your child’s academic career.

For more information on how to get your child ready for the upcoming school year, visit or contact your local Kumon Center.