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Giving Thanks to Those Who Help

The holidays are a busy time of the year. In fact, some say they are the busiest. This year, take a little extra time to thank all the people in your children’s lives who have lent a hand throughout the year. Teachers immediately leap to mind, but there are so many others who impact your children’s lives each day. This November, take the time to sit down with your child and think about who helps them be the best they can be and extend a special thank-you their way.

Thanking Educators The men and women that teach our youth today are hard-working, dedicated individuals who want to see each student reach his or her goals in life. These folks deserve a heap of thanks this year. Considering the time of year, a tasty holiday treat may be the perfect gift for that special teacher who spends precious hours with your child. Have your child ask his teacher, “what is your favorite pie?”. After you get the scoop, plan a special pie delivery at the start of a school day. Make it extra special for the teacher and have your child write a letter of his or her own to include with the gift. Encourage your child to write from his or her heart and to be creative. A sweet pie gift, combined with a letter of appreciation, is a welcome package for any teacher. With food allergies and special dietary restrictions, be aware that you might also consider a safe alternative: a gift certificate to a favorite local bookstore. Educators love to read, and it’s a special treat to find a new book.

Thanking the Cast and Crew So many people touch your children’s lives. Babysitters, neighbors, crosswalk guards, bus drivers, neighbors, coaches, tutors, piano teachers and friends who help with carpools and parties are just a few of the cast members who help enrich their everyday.  Be sure to include them on your “to-thank” list this Thanksgiving. Your children may also have role models they look up to very much. It may be a cousin or another relative. Or it could be the police officer who lives with his family down the block and lets your son take rides in the squad car from time to time. Whoever that extra-special someone is, give your child a chance to show appreciation this year. Doing this will strengthen the relationship for everyone and teach your child a lesson about the importance of showing those important to you you care and appreciate all that they do. Make a list together and invest time to write hand written thank-you notes to those who help make our lives more meaningful. That’s right, no e-mails or text messages teach your child the value of learning to write a hand-written note.

Giving thanks this month is about recognizing the many different people who impact your child’s life. From the sitter to the neighbor, the baseball coach or their favorite teacher, everyone enjoys a healthy serving of gratitude large or small. Saying “thank you” in a surprising way can strengthen existing bonds and create lasting relationships between your child and people who positively influence your child through every phase of his or her life. Remember, it does take a village to raise a child. Share precious moments with your child and thank those who positively impact your lives.