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Giving Thanks: What It Means as a Kumon Student and Parent

This time of year is a time for giving thanks and showing appreciation for all of those who have helped motivate and inspire you throughout the year.  We would like to share a few things that our Kumon Parents and Students are thankful for this year in honor of celebrating Thanksgiving later this month.

 What Kumon Parents Are Thankful For

“Samantha is now studying Simultaneous Linear Equations in Three and Four Variables in Level H, and she speaks, reads and writes in French. She is small and young for her grade level but she is a confident, ‘A’ student, thanks to Kumon!” – Tammy, a Kumon Mom from Encino, CA

“My sons have been at Kumon for 2 1/2 years, and I’ve seen a wonderful transition in their learning.  My youngest son, a 3rd grader, was not able to read when he started Kumon but now he reads very well and is the top of his class in math.  My eldest son, a 7th grader, has been a GATE student at his school since kindergarten. Although he’s always been good in Math, this program has helped him to be ahead of the game and ace his assignments and tests in school. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Robbi, a Kumon Mom from Pinnole, CA

“Thank you, Kumon, for all that you have done for my son! His math skills have improved exponentially!” – Annaliza, a Kumon Mom from Crystal Lake, IL

“Before Kumon, my daughter didn’t like reading and believed she wasn’t any good at math. After enrolling her at a local Kumon Center, she’s become eager to read and felt confident about her skills and abilities. She’s now proud of the good grades she has started to bring home. Thank you, Kumon, for everything that you do.” – Amrita, Kumon Mom from Charlotte, NC

“My son has Asperger’s and has being going to Kumon since June 2012 to help him gain confidence. Recently, my son turned to me and thanked me for sending him to Kumon as he realized Kumon is helping him be calmer and confident at school. Thank you Kumon and our Instructor Rashmi.” – Sarah, Kumon Mom from Newark, DE

“Recently, a certificate was hung at my daughter’s school acknowledging my daughter’s outstanding academic achievement. Thank you Kumon for helping set my daughter on the road towards academic success!” – Margaret, Kumon Mom from New Vernon, NJ

What Kumon Students Are Thankful For

“The more effort you put into something, the more fruitful the result is, and I am thankful for my experience with Kumon; it has given me skills I will use throughout my life.” – Jimmy, a Kumon Student from Temple City, CA

“My parents enrolled me in Kumon when I was very young. I was already very gifted in math, but they wanted me to stay ahead and stay challenged. Thanks to Kumon, I remember doing high school level math when I was still in middle school. I never had to worry about math homework ever, not even in college! Thanks to Kumon, I never have to worry about math. I remember, most of the time, I would be able to finish my homework even before the teacher had finished the lecture! As a result, I had more time to focus on other classes and other responsibilities. Kumon didn’t just make me smarter though. Kumon has made me a better student as well” – Lucas, a Kumon Student from Cedar Park, TX

“Kumon has changed my life in so many ways. I started Kumon’s math and reading programs when I was in second grade. Kumon’s math program has taught me many math skills and habits that I have used in my studies at school. In Kumon’s reading program, I learned how to use proper grammar and I have learned many difficult words while reading their short excerpts of famous novels. The Kumon Program helped me to complete in county, state, and national spelling bees as well as win awards for both math and reading at my school. I thank Kumon for making such a significant impact in my life.” – Keo, a Kumon Student from Fairfield, CA

“After a few months of studying Kumon, I began to see the benefit of completing daily Kumon homework. In school, Math and Language Arts classes became easy for me and I received A’s. I was no longer worried about my report card when it came; instead, I could relax and smile at my achievements. When I completed the Kumon Math and Reading Programs, I learned that I had always appreciated Kumon because of how it made me a better learner. Kumon has enhanced my learning by helping me achieve success one step at a time. I enjoyed Kumon because it fostered my ability to learn independently, which is a skill that will be essential to succeed in the rest of my life.” – Alex, a Kumon Student from Pleasanton, CA

“Now I was able to become a successful and confident student because of all the encouragement from my mother and the help I got at Kumon. I am very grateful for all the help and guidance that I have received, and I thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to be a Kumon Student.” – Rachel, Kumon Student from Columbia, MD