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Giving Your Children a Head-Start with Kumon

As previously discussed in the Help Your Children Become Self-Learners blog post, the Kumon Method not only aims to help children improve their math and reading skills, but it helps them learn how to learn. In doing so, the Kumon Program presents parents with an excellent opportunity to help their children develop necessary skills for life-long success. Kumon helps children develop the ability to exceed expectations and realize their greatest potential through self-learning and a curriculum centered around each student’s own abilities. 

As students progress through the Kumon Program, they will learn vital skills to assist with their future development. These skills – perseverance, diligence and time management– can help students in their classroom or with extracurricular activities such as learning to play a musical instrument. Perseverance, for example, can help students understand the importance of working towards a specific goal in face of difficulties.

As a Kumon Parent once said, “Nothing is achieved without hard work!”

Kumon Students who work above grade level are introduced to new math and reading concepts before they see them in school, giving them an academic edge. This advantage allows students to focus on applying those skills in their studies as opposed to just understanding the new concepts.

As Toru Kumon states, “Our aim should be to educate our students so well through the Kumon Method that they don’t have to depend solely on classroom activities to deeply understand the course content. To make this possible, we must help students acquire the ability of self-study from an early age and accelerate their level of study beyond their school grade.”