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Giving Your Children a Personalized Education

All children are unique and, as a result, will all learn at different paces. Some children understand concepts quickly, while others need to spend additional time  to fully understand them. The ability to cater to the needs of all types of students is one of the many reasons why Kumon has been so successful for over fifty years.

The Kumon Program is based upon the student’s own abilities and requires the students to master and fully understand a topic before moving forward.  At Kumon, the learning environment has been specifically designed to enable all students to thrive academically.

You can help expand this type of individualized learning outside of the Kumon program as well. 

  • Pre-teach new topics outside of school

While at Kumon, once your children have mastered the topics and skills covered in their current grade level, they will begin to study materials about their grade level. This method of teaching could be expanded beyond math and reading into subjects such as geography, social studies, and history by introducing them outside of the classroom. For example, if your children begin studying Pilgrims and Native Americans this upcoming school year, try visiting museums and reading books about this time period.

  • Identify particular issues

Sometimes your children can experience difficulties with specific subjects or topics.  Make sure to work with your children and their instructors in the classroom and at Kumon in order to resolve any problems. For example, if your children seem to be reluctant to work on or have difficulty completing their Kumon homework each day, their specific lesson plan may need to be adjusted in order to fit their current needs. This is why having a strong relationship with your instructor is so important.

  • Keep an eye on your children’s progress

Schedule regular meetings with your children’s Kumon Instructor and   to help keep track of your children’s progress. . As they progress through the Kumon Program, their learning and overall knowledge will develop as they build and master new concepts. After several years within the Kumon, parents often find their children are doing coursework at Kumon that is two, or even three, grades above their students’ current grade level.

  • Apply real world applications to subjects


Another way you can assist your children’s understanding of a particular topic is by highlighting a real world example to help convey the idea. For example, if your children are having difficulty understanding how fractions work, try ordering a pizza or baking a pie to help explain the  there are parts to a whole.

What are some additional ways that you can customize your children’s learning?