Goal-Setting for a New School Year - Kumon

Goal-Setting for a New School Year

Goals are an important part of achieving and growing in any personal endeavor. Goals provide direction and a path to success when they are planned and prioritized with care.    With a little planning and care this school year, you and your family can develop the right goals for your student. Accomplishing these goals will provide continued motivation and self-confidence throughout the entire year. Define Sometimes parents can leap too quickly and start creating goals that are too broad. Goals that are too large, or ones where progress is difficult to measure, can have the opposite effect on students. Goals like this can leave children feeling as if it is not possible to achieve. Create a “Goal Board” with three or four big goals and then define the smaller achievements that must be made in order to accomplish that goal underneath them. This will allow everyone to see the progress that is made slowly throughout the year as smaller goals are crossed off the board.
Prioritize and Evaluate Having created your goals, speak with your child’s educator and Kumon Instructors about them. Perhaps a goal is to advance three levels in Kumon Reading this year, or maybe to jump to advanced level-math. Talking with educators and instructors will give parents a better idea of what is being taught to their children so that the focus is placed on the right goals at the right time of the year. Educators may feel that a goal is too challenging, or not challenging enough midway through the school year, so goals may need to be adjusted.
Review Throughout the year, review progress and hurdles your child has experienced. Take a look at the goal board, and together you will be able to see the steps your child has made towards these goals. Doing this will remind children of their achievements and will reinvigorate them to carry on if they find themselves in a slump. Continue to talk with educators and Kumon Instructors to evaluate your child’s progress and re-evaluate certain goals if need be.
Don’t be afraid to continue to work and develop on your child’s set of goals this school year. Some goals will be easier than others; or perhaps an unforeseen struggle will present itself. The most important part of setting and achieving goals is progress is made that everyone can see and that your child can feel good about.