Goal-Setting for the New Year - Kumon

Goal-Setting for the New Year

January is the perfect time to start the New Year with a specific goal in place. Have you discussed with your child what his goals are for this year? Allow your child to make his own goal, so he can truly experience the satisfaction of seeing it through to the end. Having this conversation with your child about what they would like to improve and accomplish can open doors to expand his horizons.

Here are some tips on discussing goal-setting with your child.

  • Keep the goal realistic, specific and measurable

For instance, your child may want to improve his math grade in school to an A in the next marking period.  Or, he may want to reach Kumon Level D by the end of March.

  • Create a plan of action

There is a big difference between wanting to achieve something and actually doing it. We need a good plan! Parents play an important part in helping children get there. Your Instructor can also help with planning how to reach your child’s goal.

  • Work together to achieve success

Decide on the goal and plan the necessary steps together. Have your child commit his goal to a parent, teacher or Instructor in order to develop accountability and stay on track. Make a specific future appointment with your child’s teacher or Instructor as a check-in to determine how the plan is going and if it needs to be adjusted.

  • Keep the goal in mind

Displaying a goal in a visible place like the wall in the kitchen can serve as a good reminder. Reflecting on how far we have come and where we want to go next is an invaluable activity. Continuous encouragement will also go a long way.

  • Make a new, longer-term goal

Incentivize your child’s accomplishments at Kumon or excellent grades at school. For example, if he completes three Kumon Levels and reaches ASHR 2 by August, then you will sign him up for Karate in the fall.