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Goals Your Kumon Students Can Set for the New Year

Happy New Year Kumon Families! Although we haven’t yet begun the New Year, people are already making New Year’s resolutions. This month, you can help your child set goals to achieve great academic success starting on January 1st.

Meet with Your Kumon Instructor

The first thing you and your child can do is set up a meeting with your Kumon Instructor to set goals for the upcoming year. Your child’s Kumon Instructor can show him or her which Kumon Levels are approaching and what material will be covered, as well as devise a plan to get there as quickly as possible. This meeting can provide motivation for your child and creates a partnership in learning between the parent, instructor and child. Don’t stop there. Try planning ahead for two or three levels and strive for the best.

Strive for Independence

Encourage your student to make a conscious effort to challenge him or herself while completing Kumon Worksheets. One of the Kumon Program’s core components is self-learning. When your child is in the Kumon Center, he or she can challenge him or herself by asking for less assistance and using examples provided in the Kumon Worksheets to obtain answers on their own. This will create a strong sense of self-confidence. It also increases your child’s independence which will benefit him or her in all walks of life.

Make the Work a Little More Exciting by Trying to Beat Completion Times

You child can also work to decrease the amount of time it takes to complete a set of Kumon Worksheets by competing against their own completion times. Since each worksheet set is timed, you child can strive to beat a time on a previous worksheet set they completed. This helps improves your child’s focus and concentration, and it provides an extra challenge to make learning a little more exciting.

Make Bigger Strides in you Learning by Completing More Pages

If your child has extra free time on the weekends or during a holiday, ask your Kumon Instructor for extra work to complete at home. Instead of completing five worksheets per day, for example, aim for ten. This small increase makes a huge difference. Students who complete ten pages a day instead of five can complete two months of work in just one month! For a student who isn’t quite at grade level, this will help them catch up faster. For a student who is above grade level, this will continue to help them stay challenged and excel.

Kumon Instructors and Parents around the world are making resolutions to help their students achieve academic greatness. What resolutions do you have planned for 2014?