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Greater Convenience, More Engagement With Kumon Connect

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Today’s student is no stranger to technology, with classrooms chock full of digital technology, from interactive whiteboards to tablets and even 3D printers. But is technology in the classroom just a fad or the way of the future? According to eSchool News, digital technology is here to stay. “Trends in K-12 education in 2023 will continue into 2024, most notably immersive technologies, artificial intelligence, personalized learning, and online and hybrid learning.”

Why the trend toward digital learning? As eSchool News put it, “Interactive whiteboards, educational games and multimedia presentations capture students’ attention and make learning more enjoyable. Increased engagement can lead to better retention of information and a more positive attitude toward learning.”  Kumon was founded on pencil to paper learning, but we found a way to bring the benefits of pencil and paper to a digital application.

Kumon recently launched a digital worksheet format called Kumon Connect. Just like the traditional method of Kumon, students attend class at their local center twice per week and receive homework the other five days. They complete all assignments on a tablet with a stylus, just like with paper and pencil. Each daily assignment is immediately ready when the student signs in. Once completed, the assignments are submitted for daily grading, and students are notified when corrections are needed.


How did Kumon Connect score with kids and parents? Thousands of parents at centers across the U.S. and Canada were surveyed. Nearly 95% found that switching to a tablet had either maintained or increased their child’s engagement in their Kumon studies. What’s more, 74% of parents said Kumon Connect has positively impacted their child’s independent learning skills. What did the students have to say about the digital format? 70% of parents say their child was enthusiastic about completing their assignments on the tablet using Kumon Connect.


Overwhelmingly, parents reported that being able to do worksheets anywhere motivated them to switch to Kumon Connect as their child could easily access and submit their homework online. Speaking of flexibility, there’s also the option to work on paper worksheets should your child’s tablet glitch or their stylus be lost or broken.

Plus, instructors can replay the work of completed assignments to see skill development and provide feedback quickly. In fact, your child’s instructor can send supportive comments and provide helpful tips. You can see your child’s progress in real time.

Concerned about too much screen time? We understand — we also know that a tablet will be used as an educational tool from elementary school through college and in their professional career later in life. Early use of the tablet with Kumon Connect will prepare your child exceptionally well in how to use the device. With Kumon Connect, their tablet will be used an educational tool.


We’re pleased to announce that Kumon Connect is being rolled out at centers across North America. Students currently completing worksheets on paper can easily switch, and new families can inquire about starting their child on tablet from day one!

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