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Guest Post: My Mother Made Me

September 7, 2011 ~ The following article was written by Instructor Ken Hines, Kumon of Oregon City, for his monthly newsletter. It so perfectly fit our theme for September, “Pursuing Potential,” that we wanted to share it with our Facebook fans. Every child goes through three stages in their Kumon journey: 1) They love it. 2) They hate it. 3) They appreciate it. It’s not hard to keep a child motivated during the honeymoon stage or after Kumon has become an engrained habit and it’s obvious that the daily discipline has made them a great student. But what keeps a child going through those dog days when the work is a grind? In two words: the mom. A child by nature is willing to trade off anything that makes today a little easier, even at the expense of making the future a lot more difficult. Moms, with more wisdom and experience, know that trade is very rarely a good idea. My mom made me eat my vegetables, brush my teeth, and go to school, daily habits I wanted to avoid. She made me do my homework, enroll in advanced math classes, and participate in book clubs. She didn’t listen to my pathetic excuses (“If you let me skip a bath this week, I promise I’ll take a bath every day next week.”) We didn’t fight about it; she just told me the way it was going to be. Much of what I am today I owe to my mom, who made me do those unwanted tasks that she knew would help me live up to my potential. Thanks, Mom! And a BIG thank you to all you Kumon moms who ensure your kids do math and reading when they would much rather be playing video games. It’s worth it in the long run. And trust me… they’ll thank you later.