Hannah, 18; Instructor Gwen Peters - Kumon

Hannah, 18; Instructor Gwen Peters

The word “potential” as defined by the Merriam-Webster® dictionary, is something that can develop or become actual. For 18-year-old Hannah, a student and assistant at Kumon in Maple Grove, Minn., reaching her potential has become a reality. Six years ago, Hannah came to Kumon struggling with reading and math. But, all this changed after a couple of years in the program.

“When I was in sixth grade, I was a year below grade level in math,” Hannah said. “By eighth grade, I had moved a year ahead, and by ninth grade I was another year ahead. I was done with math by my junior year of high school.”

Hannah, who is on level L50 in the reading program, will continue pursuing her potential this fall at the University of Minnesota, where she plans to major in biology and animal science.

Kumon Instructor Gwen Peters is proud to have Hannah as a star student. “Her relationship with her peers, Kumon students and me is very gracious, accommodating and efficient,” Ms. Peters said. “I have been blessed knowing her and I believe she will excel in whatever she goes on to do.”

Hannah’s ultimate goal is to become a veterinarian specializing in equine (horse) care. “I have been riding horses for 11 years,” Hannah said. “It’s my passion and I want to pursue it.”

Over the summer, Hannah plans to have fun while completing the reading program. “Sometimes you may want to stop, but I’ve learned to keep doing it every day.”