Hannah, 6: Instructor Janese Cooper - Kumon

Hannah, 6: Instructor Janese Cooper

November 24, 2010 ~

Hannah, a 6-year-old kindergartner at the Kumon Center of Savannah, started Kumon when she was only 2 years old. Although her Kumon Instructor, Janese Cooper, had some apprehensions about starting a student so young in the program, Hannah convinced her mother and Kumon Instructor that she was ready.

“Hannah came to me when she was 2 and said she wanted to learn how to read,” said her mother, Renee. “She was so eager and motivated to learn to read that we felt we couldn’t hold her back.”

Renee, a local high school teacher, immediately saw the benefits of the program. She also attributes starting Kumon at an early age to helping her daughter become a daily, active reader and instilling a love of learning.

“She is interested in so many different activities and craves learning new things,” said her mother. “She did a marine science camp this summer, and her dream is to teach other kids about animals when she grows up.”

Her mother says that Kumon taught her daughter to be a more focused and self-disciplined student, which continues to benefit her as she advances in school. Hannah never procrastinates and sits down every day at the dining room table to focus on her Kumon work and schoolwork.

“Hannah is very mature for her age even though she is so young,” said Cooper. “She is a student who sets goals and enjoys tackling new challenges.”