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Help Your Child Blossom in the Kumon Program

Spring is a time of transformation. Nature’s beauty awakens, reviving what has already been planted and surprising us with new growth. In our own lives, spring is often the perfect time for us to start new projects, sow new seeds and come forth with new outlooks.

This is also a perfect time for parents to get a fresh start academically with the Kumon Program.  As with growth and development, learning is a natural process in human beings. Despite this, children can easily lose focus with the numerous distractions that surround them.

The good news is distractions can be reduced with a few helpful tips:

  • Praise, praise, praise. When your children begin to lose focus, step in by acknowledging and praising what they have accomplished so far.  Positive reinforcement will naturally encourage your children to persevere.
  • Motivation is key. Encourage your children to complete their assignments by offering enticing rewards. Going to an amusement park, the zoo, or a museum as a family, are just a few examples that can inspire your children to maintain their focus and concentration.
  • Keep it fun. The more children enjoy their learning experiences, the more engaged they’ll be when it comes to discovering new things.

Remember, the evolution of the spring season involves a day-by-day process before flowers are in full bloom. Nurturing your children’s focus-abilities and study habits also develops day–by-day, before you see their enthusiasm and confidence soar.