Help your Child Stay on Track with Reading this Summer

Help your Child Stay on Track with Reading this Summer

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The school year will be over before you know it and summer fun will be in full swing. Maybe you and your family have a busy calendar this summer, or maybe it’s just a time to relax. Either way, your child’s reading is probably the last thing on your mind, but it shouldn’t be. If you’ve read our article about summer learning loss you know that students can lose up to an average of two – three months’ worth of learning during summer break. Here are 4 ways to keep your child on track with reading this summer!

Add a Trip to the Library to your Weekly Routine

During the school year kids are tied to the books that are a part of their school curriculum. Giving your kids freedom to choose what they read over the summer can make reading more fun. Make the library part of your weekly routine! Going weekly will give them the opportunity to consistently read something new, keeping them engaged and ready for their next book. Creating an experience around reading and becoming regulars at the library can also strengthen their interest in reading.

Incorporate Reading into Fun Activities

Summer reading should be fun! There are so many ways to incorporate reading into activities and games. It can be as simple as making up a quick flash card game to something a little more intricate like Splash the Sight Word. To learn how to play Splash the Sight Word and other fun educational outdoor summer activities, click here!

Reading for Everyone

One of the best ways to encourage your child to read is to simply read to them! As you may have figured out by now, children do as they see. Seeing a parent read can inspire your child to do the same. Take things a step further by asking your child to read with you. Take turns reading pages or have them read the entire book as you guide them. Reading together will make reading feel less like a chore and more like quality time. This is perfect anytime and anywhere!

Enrichment Programs

Enrolling your child to an Enrichment Program will keep them consistent, disciplined, and on track over the summer. At Kumon, we believe practice makes possibilities. This summer, help your child pick up where they left off and begin to practice through the Kumon Method. Not only will you see your child stay on track with their reading, but it will prepare them for the new school year ahead.