Help Your Children Become Self-Learners

Becoming a Self-Learner

One of the core principles of the Kumon Method focuses on self-learning. When developing the Kumon Method, Toru Kumon understood the importance of independent learning as part of a student’s overall academic enrichment.

Each worksheet is designed to help a student learn critical concepts that are slightly more advanced than those in the previous worksheet. After reviewing the worksheet’s examples, the student uses his or her previously acquired knowledge and applies the knowledge gained from those examples in order to complete each of the worksheet’s problems. Each student studies how to learn and solve problems independently.

One key goal of Kumon is to teach each student how to learn. Just like when you teach someone how to fish, when you teach someone how to learn, he or she will never go hungry. With Kumon, you can help your child become a self-motivated self-learner who will be able figure out and solve problems that he or she has never faced before.

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