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Helping Your Child with Test Anxiety

Most, if not all, children and adults have encountered some form of anxiety before taking a test. However, when the fear of not performing well or even failing the exam interferes with test-taking and learning, it could prevent your children from doing their best work.

Kumon Math and Reading programs are a great way to set-up your student up for success. Not only can Kumon provide your children with a strong academic foundation, but it can also help give your children the confidence needed to overcome any test anxiety they may have and overcome any challenges that they may encounter.

One way to help your children manage test anxiety is by making sure they are getting enough sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep can result in lower test scores and academic difficulties for your children. Another way is by making sure that your children have a healthy breakfast to keep their brain fueled throughout the day.

Making sure that your children do well on any upcoming tests could be as simple as making sure that they complete their homework each night. Try these homework help tips to support your children’s academic success.

If your child experiences test anxiety while taking exams, try creating a test-taking environment in your own house to help your children practice deep breathing to help them relax. Practicing relaxation techniques and test-taking in a non-stressful environment can help alleviate your children’s fears in a real test-taking environment.

What are some additional ways you can employ to help ease your children’s test-taking anxiety?