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Helping Your Children Reach Their Greatest Potential

Most parents agree that a good education is the best gift that they can give to their children. In 1954, when Toru Kumon developed the Kumon Method for his son, Takeshi, Toru had similar aims as a parent. He wanted to create a system that would give his son the best possible education. Toru also wanted to provide his son with an academic pathway that would help Takeshi understand the topics covered in advanced mathematics, such as calculus. After seeing how successful his program was for his son and his local community, the Kumon Method gradually expanded to cities and countries around the world as a way for like-minded parents to help their children reach their full potential.

Kumon is designed to help children become the best students they can be, by providing a carefully structured approach to practicing their math and reading skills. Kumon gives students the opportunity to learn how to solve problems on their own by encouraging students to develop their critical thinking skills. Students progress through an individualized program, and advance only after a comprehensive understanding of specific concepts have been achieved.  There are no incentives for students to advance before they are ready; students are not pressured to learn new materials without first establishing a clear understanding of previous materials.

As a Kumon Student, your child is encouraged to develop math and reading skills. Your child will develop into a self-learner who can achieve anything and overcome countless challenges.

With support from Kumon, your children can learn that they have the potential to achieve greatness beyond their dreams and expectations. As one happy mother from St. Louis said, “Kumon is truly amazing. When I look at my son today, I think it’s a miracle.”

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