Worksheets for Preschoolers to Set Your Child Up For Success

Worksheets for Preschoolers to Set Your Child Up For Success

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Each child develops at their own pace as they begin to absorb and understand information. That’s why using an individualized learning approach early on can help set a child up for success. One of the best programs to use is one that begins instruction with daily preschool worksheets.

Early learners are curious and eager to learn new things. They tend to ask questions and understand what is unfolding around them. While daily worksheets may seem ineffective for preschoolers who don’t like to sit still, the Kumon Math and Reading Program worksheets are designed to be engaging with colorful images and fun activities that grow their abilities.

Where does a preschooler start in the program?

Blue background with two pre school worksheet image to help students with tracing

Early learners enrolled in Kumon will develop fine motor skills throughout Kumon’s Level Z. In Kumon’s Level Z, students draw lines, curves, and angles. The worksheets strengthen their hand muscles which provides them more control over their pencils. This allows them the ability to begin advancing their handwriting.

Preschoolers also learn to read and follow directions as they work for 30 minutes a day per subject. The daily preschool worksheets promote brain development as a student progresses through new concepts. It builds their foundational skills in handwriting, math and reading to ensure they are kindergarten ready.

What is learned in the Kumon Math Program?

four math worksheets with colors and dots for counting, sequence numbers and introduction to addition

In the Kumon Math Program, students start with counting objects and recognizing numbers. They then build a deeper understanding of the number sequence before writing numbers. This provides a strong foundation for them to learn the basics of addition. The worksheets that make up the preschool math curriculum will ensure that students are confident with their math skills before progressing onto more advanced material.

What is learned in the Kumon Reading Program?

four reading worksheets for preschoolers with letters and sounds, spelling and comprehension

In the Kumon Reading Program, preschoolers repeat and recite words using colorful pictures that connect these words to objects. They then learn letter sounds and begin to write letters. Through daily practice they will begin to develop a foundational vocabulary, as well as strengthen their handwriting skills to improve legibility. Once they complete the first few levels of the program, they should be able to read and write short sentences. The preschool reading curriculum will ensure that students are confident with the basics of reading and writing before advancing to the elementary concepts.

The Benefits in the Long Term

Now that you know what your child will learn by progressing through the preschool worksheets, you may be wondering how this will apply to their academics to ensure they are kindergarten ready. The Kumon Program helps students develop fine motor skills, motivation to tackle new concepts, and early time management skills. This will instill the foundation that will set your child up for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Not only will they be confident kindergartners, but they will also have the opportunity to continue advancing beyond grade level. They can continue through the program and advance at their own pace. There is no limit to what they can achieve once they begin the Kumon Math and Reading Program! 

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