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How Accelerating Your Child Can Give an Academic Edge

Earlier this year, Jessica Lahey from the New York Times’ Parenting blog, The Motherlode, argued against accelerating the gifted child in the classroom. She believes these children miss out on the emotional and social challenges that children normally face during their middle and high school years.

“Middle school in particular,” Lahey writes, “provides an education in social dynamics, organization and self-discovery. Pushing students into that fray when they are not chronologically or emotionally prepared for it is something we should approach with great caution.”

This provides a dilemma. Do we push a child forward before they experience emotional and social developments? Or do we limit an advanced learner and prevent a child from being academically challenged so they don’t in have social challenges?

Kumon provides all students,  gifted or not,  the opportunity to foster and enrich their educational development outside of the classroom. These students strengthen their current abilities in math and reading and encourage the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Kumon Students progress beyond their school grade’s curriculum as we foster and accelerate their educational development and work skills outside of the classroom. Once children master a key concept, they continue to excel through to the next academic concept. The Kumon Method motivates students to strive for excellence and to progress according to their own abilities, not age or grade level. In doing so, students become better prepared to face the academic rigors of high school and advanced mathematics and literature. Often, they surpass what they and many others thought they were capable of.

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