How Becoming a Self-Learner Helped Dolcé Achieve Academic Success - Kumon

How Becoming a Self-Learner Helped Dolcé Achieve Academic Success

Student Name: Dolcé

Age: 7

Current Grade: 3rd grade

Kumon Center: Fond du Lac

Years enrolled in the Kumon Math Program:  3.75 years

Kumon Math Level: C

Years enrolled in the Kumon Reading Program: 3.75 years

Kumon Reading Level: CII


Dolcé became a Kumon Student at the age of three years old and has been steadily progressing through the Kumon Math and Reading programs ever since. Now at the age of seven, Dolcé attributes her academic success and admission to the prestigious STEM Academy in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, to all of her hard work at Kumon. Kumon helped teach her to read, solve math problems efficiently, and become a confident, independent learner.  It also helped her develop the skills she needed in order to skip the second grade and set her on the path to achieve even greater academic successes. Dolcé and her mom, Nichole, share their experiences with the Kumon Program.


Parent Questions

How did you hear about Kumon?

Nichole (Dolcé’s Mom): I learned about Kumon from a friend who enrolled her son at the Green Bay Center.


How soon after enrolling Dolcé in Kumon did you notice any changes?

Nichole: After the first week of Kumon study, I noticed that Dolcé’s attention span and stamina for sitting were increasing by the day.


How has Kumon helped Dolcé?

Nichole: Dolcé learned to read through Kumon. It has taught her to focus, be an independent learner, love reading, solve math exercises efficiently, and has given her confidence in her daily life.


How has your Kumon Instructor supported you throughout this process?

Nichole: Mrs. Fox is always available to walk us through the tough moments, such as beginning a new level. She is there to praise Dolcé along the way. She knows when to push and when to “hold her hand.”


What are your hopes and dreams for Dolcé?

Nichole: It is my hope that Dolcé will have the confidence and knowledge to choose and succeed in the career of her choice.


How has Dolcé responded to being a part of the Kumon program?

Nichole: Dolce enjoys reaching Kumon milestones. The older she gets, the more she is aware of her ability to achieve academic success. She is supportive of her sister’s Kumon study and happy to have a partner, because she is aware that many of her peers are not expected to complete this kind of work on a daily basis.

Would you recommend Kumon to other families?

Nichole: Every day of the week! I think Kumon is the premier path to children reaching their potential, one day at a time.


Student Questions

What do you enjoy most about Kumon?

Dolcé: I love moving on to new levels in math and reading because I know I am doing a great job.

What have been the most difficult levels to get through in Kumon? What did you learn from those levels?

Dolcé: The most difficult level of math was B; the subtraction was tricky. I learned that if I keep working hard, eventually I will get better at it.


How has Kumon helped you academically?

Dolcé: I can learn independently. I have learned to take my time and write neatly. Studying Kumon has made school work easy. I solve math problems easily and I am getting better at writing paragraphs. The work I have done in Kumon has allowed me to skip second grade and to attend the STEM Academy as a third grader.


How has your Kumon Instructor supported you?

Dolcé: Mrs. Fox lets me know how I am doing. She tells me I am doing a great job or she explains that I need to repeat the work when I have some trouble.


What programs or activities do you participate in outside of Kumon?

Dolcé: I am learning Polish through a Rosetta Stone Program. I also participate in Judo, swim team, and piano.


What do you want to do when you grow up? Where do you want to go to school? Why?

Dolcé: I want to be a scientist when I grow up.


What would you tell a student who was considering quitting Kumon?

Dolcé: I would tell them to stick with it so they don’t fall behind.