How does Kumon help prepare students to become successful standardized test-takers?

How does Kumon help prepare students to become successful standardized test-takers?

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To be successful on standardized tests, students must possess effective test-taking strategies. Through long-term study, Kumon students build a strong academic foundation in mental calculation, critical thinking, and reading ability, while developing these important test-taking strategies and skills:


Follow instructions and read questions carefully.

Reading the instructions and questions carefully is a simple, yet important, test-taking strategy. A typical issue on standardized tests is that children do not follow the directions because they are not accustomed to interpreting them. Kumon students routinely practice reading the directions and examining the questions on their own.


Manage time wisely.

When children do not know how to manage their time well, they can spend their time inefficiently on difficult items and may struggle to finish the test. Kumon students learn how to manage time wisely by fitting Kumon into their schedule. In addition, students learn to solve quickly through timing their daily assignments. On test day, they tend to solve quickly, which can give them extra time on a test to verify their answers.


Demonstrate stamina in concentration.

Through the Kumon program, students improve their concentration ability and develop the stamina to focus continuously. Standardized tests typically run all day, and concentrating for hours is challenging for many children. When there is no “gas left in the tank”, children are unable to concentrate for hours, thus possibly leading to a poor result, even if they are adept with the content.


Have confidence and feel relaxed.

On test day, it’s very important for children to feel relaxed and confident. From the beginning of Kumon study, students develop confidence in their abilities and a positive attitude towards studying. Students who are comfortable with being timed have an advantage over those for whom a timed standardized test creates anxiety. As students complete their daily worksheets, or their Achievement Tests, Kumon can cultivate a greater awareness of their speed, and can reduce anxiety surrounding timed tests.