In Order to Become a Better Writer You Must Read

In Order to Become a Better Writer You Must Read

A Kumon instructor wearing a black shirt helping a student becuase to become a better writer you must read

Why is it true that to become a better writer, you must read?

With the widespread use of shorthand communication as a result of emerging technologies, emphasis on writing well is slowly declining. Society’s reliance on spelling and grammar checking tools is also a part of this. At the same time, excellent writing skills are becoming more essential for young people to have. This is evident due to the changes to public school education and inclusion of the Free Response portion in Advanced Placement exams. In order to become a good writer, your child must first become a good reader. Reading introduces your child to different genres, new vocabulary and different styles of writing. It also exposes him to better writing than his own in order to help him improve. Here are three ways in which the Kumon Program can help your child become a better reader.

Understanding the Mechanics of Writing

In order to become a good writer, a student must first understand the basic mechanics of writing. This is includes everything from using the proper punctuation and capitalization to organizing sentences in paragraphs with a purpose and supporting details. The Kumon Reading Program helps students view words as part of sentences and sentences as parts of paragraphs. In the end, this helps to build their grammar-based reading fluency, and help them to develop into a better writer.

Building Reading Comprehension

The Kumon Program aims to help students learn to read critically. The Kumon Program incorporates a diverse variety of literary works in order to broaden each student’s academic horizons. This includes excerpts from fiction and nonfiction writing. As children progress through the Kumon Program, they will gradually build their reading comprehension skills, which in turn can transform them into better writers. The better a student’s reading comprehension is, the more likely the child will want to read for their own enjoyment and understanding. Students who read frequently become aware of elements of good—and bad—writing, and are able to use these elements in their own work.

Exploring Literature

The Kumon Recommended Reading List is an excellent resource to explore literature and texts that your child may not study in their regular classroom. The Kumon Recommended Reading List includes an excellent selection of works from Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winning authors like Harper Lee and John Steinbeck, and works by Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway and Jane Austen. In addition, the reading list is organized by Kumon Reading Level. This is to help you easily identify the appropriate books for your children. The great writing influences a child, the more likely he or she develops into a better writer. In that sense, it is important that children are exposed to a variety of literary texts. This helps them develop into better readers and writers.