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How Kumon Can Prepare Your Children to Meet the Expectations of the New SAT

Beginning in 2016, the new SAT will return to the previous 1600 point scale, with 800 points for math and 800 points for reading. The essay portion will become optional and graded on a separate scale. The overall changes will align the test more closely with current trends in high school standards by incorporating evidence-based learning in an effort to prepare students for college and career readiness. Kumon Students develop skills that enhance their problem-solving speed as well as reading and calculation abilities. These skills are among those essential to performing well on the current and newly revised SAT.

After the SAT math revision, test takers will only be allowed to use calculators on a specific section of the math portion to assess their understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures. Students must be able to solve multi-step problems, exemplifying their organizational skills as well as knowledge of sequential operations.

The Kumon Math Program covers a range of topics from counting to calculus, and students learn without the use of a calculator. Students routinely practice solving multi-step math problems using strong mental calculation skills. Kumon Students are also exposed to concepts such as ratios, percentages, and proportional reasoning – areas that will be tested on the revised SAT.

“The Evidence-Based Reading and Writing” section of the SAT will involve analyzing passages and interpreting vocabulary words read in context. SAT takers will not only be required to identify the correct answer, but also use evidence from the text to support their answers.

The Kumon Reading Program develops reading ability through incrementally challenging language structure and literary content, including Shakespeare and other high-school level literature. Reading students must be able to read passages critically and draw evidence from informational or literary texts to support their analysis, reflection, or opinions.

In addition to developing strong analytical and problem solving skills, Kumon also helps children improve their concentration, independent study and time management skills. As students progress through the Kumon Program, the skills they develop will provide them with the tools needed to excel on college entrance exams like the SAT.

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