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How Kumon Helped Set Amelia Up for Long-term Success

Student Name: Amelia
Age: 12
Current Grade: Entering 7th grade in the Fall
Kumon Center: Bath Beach
Years enrolled in the Kumon Math Program:  10 years
Kumon Math Level: I
Years enrolled in the Kumon Reading Program: 10 years
Kumon Reading Level: Completed

Ever since Amelia was born, Kumon has played a major role in her life. Amelia’s father has been a Kumon Instructor for more than fifteen years and couldn’t wait for his daughter to finally begin her own Kumon journey.

After ten years as a Kumon Student, Amelia developed an exceptional work ethic, and confident self-learning ability. Aside from improving her academic abilities and skills, Kumon helped teach Amelia how to work independently, problem solve, overcome challenges, and handle failures and successes.

As a result of Amelia’s determination and dedication through Kumon, she has completed the Kumon Reading Program and is currently on level I in math as a sixth grader. This spring, she was named the City-wide winner in NYC’s Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Competition in the 6th – 8th Grade Category for her book, “We Are Not Alone,” and has attributed this achievement to all of her hard work at Kumon.

Amelia and her mother, Aksana, were kind enough to tell us more about Amelia’s experience at Kumon and how it has guided her on the path to success.

Parent Questions

How did you hear about Kumon?

Aksana (Amelia’s mother): Amelia’s father has been a Kumon Instructor for more than 15 years. Kumon became a part of our lives. So when Amelia grew old enough to start the Kumon Math Program, she was enrolled in Kumon.

Why did you enroll your daughter in Kumon?

Aksana: As I mentioned, we have many years of experience working in Kumon. During those years, we saw several students improve their math and reading skills. These students exuded confidence whenever they’d walk into our center.

How soon after enrolling your Amelia in Kumon did you notice any changes?

Aksana: All children are different individuals that learn and improve at different paces. With Amelia, we first noticed changes when she started to work independently. She was able to complete her assigned homework, and shined with  confidence. It happened approximately after six to eight months of constant work in Kumon.

How has Kumon helped Amelia?

Aksana: Along with improving academic abilities and skills in math and reading, Amelia learned to work independently, make decisions, solve problems, face challenges, learn from mistakes, and handle failures and successes. Those are all very important skills that will help her later in her life.

How has your Kumon Instructor supported you throughout this process?

Aksana: From my personal observations, the support and instruction that students get from their Kumon Instructor is very important. The feedback provided by instructors helps both students and parents better understand what to expect in the program. For Amelia, her instructor is not just a teacher, but also her father, and a great source of support and knowledge.

What are your hopes and dreams for Amelia?

Aksana: In the future, I want to see my daughter living an active, enjoyable, and successful life. For me, as a parent, it is important that Amelia grows into a kind, caring, active, creative, self-confident, and well-educated person. Any field of further studies might be good, if she enjoys her choice and wants to be a professional.

How has your Amelia responded to being a part of the Kumon program?

Aksana: Over time, Amelia understood the importance of doing Kumon. When Amelia saw her first achievements outside of the Kumon Center and could implement her own knowledge, she began to appreciate her work at Kumon.

Would you recommend Kumon to other families?

Aksana: I would and I do highly recommend Kumon to other families. It is an effective way to help your children improve their math and reading skills and even advance above their grade level.

Student Questions

What do you enjoy most about Kumon?

Amelia: Now that I have developed the habit of doing my work every day, I can manage my assignments at the Kumon Center, which I really enjoy. I also enjoy seeing my Kumon friends grow with me.

What are the achievements that you are most proud of?

Amelia: I was most proud to pass levels G in math and reading and get my stars. I was proud of myself for overcoming big obstacles and small challenges at Kumon.

What have been the most difficult levels to get through at Kumon? What did you learn from those levels?

Amelia: This is not an easy question. I think that each level has something that must be mastered by reviewing. But it is a joy when you pass the achievement test and start a new level! I learned that struggling with a specific topic is not bad; it just requires you to work harder and ask for some support from adults.

How has Kumon helped you academically?

Amelia: I know that I still need to improve many skills. However, I feel more confident and independent.  I try to solve small issues on my own, try to plan my schedule and be responsible. Kumon helps me every day with most topics that we cover in school. I complete my work faster and do work above my school level. I recommend all students start Kumon to advance in school.

How has your Kumon Instructor supported you?

Amelia: My Kumon Instructor is not just my teacher; he is my role-model. I respect my father’s opinion and appreciate his advice. The support from your instructor is very important for every student at our center. I see how glad students are to share their achievements with my father.

What programs or activities do you participate in outside of Kumon?

Amelia: I take piano lessons and have performed in a few recitals. I like to draw and dance. I also would like to take a photography class in the future.

What would you tell a student who was considering quitting Kumon?

Amelia: Quitting is the easiest, but not the best decision. Talk to your Kumon Instructor, ask for help, and learn to be a “fighter,” because a fighter has a chance to become a winner!

What have you learned about yourself since starting Kumon?

Amelia: I have learned that I am an ordinary girl with great potential. I can only improve if I work and move forward. Kumon helps me to achieve this step by step.