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How Kumon Helps Children Surpass Goals

“Our aim should be to educate our students so well through the Kumon Method that they don’t have to depend solely on classroom activities to be able to deeply understand the course content. Students who develop this capacity will have a good chance to enter leading universities. To make this possible, we must help students acquire the ability of self-study from an early age and accelerate their level of study beyond their school grade.” – Toru Kumon

As discussed in “The Secrets to Success” blog post earlier this year, the Kumon Program is a long-term enrichment program designed to set students up for long-term success. Unlike short-terms solutions, such as tutoring or other academic assistance programs, the Kumon Program provides all students with the opportunity to strengthen and build their abilities in math and reading. Parents and students committed to the Kumon Program often succeed beyond their previous expectations.

Susan, a Kumon Mom from St. Louis, MO, shared how the Kumon Math Program helped her children surpass their kindergarten’s math curriculum goal. “When we went to kindergarten orientation, the teachers explained that the goal of the math curriculum was to have students count to 100 by the end of the year. With the Kumon Program, our children are studying math problems equivalent for second grade,” Susan said.

Success stories like Susan’s are not uncommon for families committed to the daily routine of the Kumon Program. The focus on self-learning and a curriculum modelled on each student’s abilities are two reasons Kumon can help students and parents surpass expectations. As discussed in “The Importance of Self-Learning” blog post, the Kumon Method is designed to teach students how to learn, which can ultimately help students successfully complete problems that they have never before faced. Students build their critical thinking skills in order to learn how to solve problems, rather than simply memorizing facts or terms. The personalized curriculum ensures that students learn at their own pace, allowing them to move faster on topics in which they excel , while allowing students additional time to study concepts that students have difficulty understanding. 

The combined focus on self-study and a personalized curriculum, two fundamental aspects of the Kumon Program, can help students succeed beyond their wildest dreams. For more information on how the Kumon Program can help your children exceed your expectations, locate and visit your local Kumon Center at