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How Kumon Helps Your Children Build Study Skills

Kumon helps your children build study skills by improving concentration and encouraging daily practice.

Improving Concentration
The ability to concentrate and complete a given task is an important skill your children must learn, to develop into successful students. These skills will be valuable inside your children’s classroom, and for the years after they graduate from high school and college.

One way that Kumon helps your children build their concentration skills is through the focus on timed assignments. Through this emphasis, Kumon helps students learn to work efficiently and use their work time productively. Dina, a Kumon Mom from Toronto, shared how Kumon’s emphasis on timed assignments helped improve her daughter’s concentration. “My Allison was always a bit of a daydreamer. Kumon helped her focus. She learned to sit down, focus, and do her work within set time limits. The ability to focus is a huge benefit of Kumon,” said Dina.

Studying every day
One of the fundamental aspects of Kumon is daily practice. Each day, students are expected to complete short homework assignments as a part of the Kumon Program. Patience and perseverance are strengthened by daily study. Developing good study skills takes daily practice, which build children’s patience and ability to persevere.The concept of daily practice and study can be applied to your children’s school work as well.

By implementing this system into your children’s school routine, you can help prevent procrastination and crash studying for school-based assignments and exams. At the same time, you will continue to encourage your children to see learning as a long-term process, just like the Kumon Method.