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How Kumon Helps Your Children Persevere

The road to success isn’t always easy, but it is rewarding.  You must have the discipline and fortitude to work towards your goals every day to achieve long-term success. Through the Kumon Program, children develop the perseverance necessary for achieving lasting success in all future endeavors.


Perseverance means having the self-discipline to continue a task in spite of unforeseen difficulties and challenges. In order to achieve lasting success at Kumon and beyond, your children need to cultivate the skill of perseverance to combat obstacles they encounter.


As Kumon Students, your children gain the advantage of perseverance early in life.  Your children   learn at their own pace and are encouraged to work through problems independently. Each problem solved helps your children develop the confidence they need to tackle harder problems in the future and take an active role in their own learning.


Each Kumon worksheet is carefully designed to build on top of your children’s previous understanding of mathematical and literary concepts. This step-by-step process helps to ensure  comprehension of  key math and reading concepts before progressing to the next level.


Each completed level gives children the confidence needed to overcome future obstacles. In addition, your children need daily encouragement to overcome challenges and  stay motivated. Believing your children can achieve and succeed is a key part in inspiring them to accomplish goals and overcome obstacles.


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