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How Kumon Helps Your Children Read Fluently

The ability to read fluently is not limited to understanding how to sound out words, pronounce certain words properly, or even determine the meaning of a specific text. Reading fluently is about making sure that your child has the ability to do all of those things while also being able to connect key ideas in a text in order to draw conclusions, make inferences, and attempt to understand an author’s purpose. To fully cultivate these skills, your child will need to develop a strong foundation to successfully take on these new academic challenges. Enrolling your child in the Kumon Reading can help you do just that!

From the beginning, reading has been an integral part of the Kumon program. One of Toru Kumon’s fundamental goals of the Kumon Method focused on nurturing and supporting children who enjoy reading.  The ability to fluently read plays an important role in the development of a child’s academic abilities. Honing such reading skills takes practice, but once those skills are developed, they can transform children into confident readers.

A strong foundation in reading provides children with the opportunity to think for themselves, broaden their own horizons, and acquire ample vocabularies. Kumon helps students build that foundation by first establishing their current reading abilities and comprehension skills through a placement test. Similar to the Kumon Math Program, an individualized reading lesson plan is developed based on an individual student’s abilities.

Through the Kumon Reading Program, students build their phonemic awareness and word recognition, develop their fine motor skills, and identify sentence topics. Eventually, students progress to summarizing texts, critiquing an author’s main point, separating fact from opinion, and even learn to develop persuasive arguments.

Each level of the Kumon Reading program adds new vocabulary, reviews previously introduced words, and covers comprehensive amount of excerpts from fiction and non-fiction texts. As a Kumon student, your child will learn how to become a fluent reader, understand the meaning of texts, and how to read critically, intelligently, and analytically.

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