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How Kumon Instructors Help Boost Your Child’s Achievements

Kumon Instructors are a vital part of the Kumon Program.  The Kumon Instructor is the go-to expert when parents need answers about a student’s progress, help sticking to the daily routine, or guidance on which techniques should be used to tackle specific challenges. Working with the student in-center and having intimate knowledge of the Kumon Method allows instructors to create a truly personalized program for each student. Below are a few examples of how Kumon Instructors help boost students’ academic achievements. 

Understanding the Student’s Needs

When a student enrolls in the Kumon Program, it is important to understand exactly which areas the student needs to work on. The Kumon Instructor administers a Placement Test to determine what level of the Kumon Program he or she should begin. This is based on each student’s abilities, concentration level and speed.

Once the Placement Test is conducted, the Kumon Instructor uses those results to develop a customized learning curriculum for each student, including the number of Kumon Worksheets that are assigned each day. As the student progresses through the Kumon Program, the instructor continues to tailor the curriculum based on the student’s needs. If a particular subject needs to be revisited or if the student is grasping concepts faster than originally anticipated, the instructor can modify the program to accommodate the student’s abilities.

Providing Encouragement

Kumon Instructors help students progress throughout the Kumon Program by celebrating successes and encouraging them to persevere when faced with difficult challenges. According to many current and former Kumon Students, the encouragement that their Kumon Instructors provided helped motivate them to continue working toward their goals. When asked about her Kumon Instructor, Siya, a Kumon Student from Santa Clara, CA, said, “Ms Mala is always supporting me by ensuring that I fully understand concepts and formulas. She is one of the many reasons why I feel successful academically.”

A Kumon Instructor works hard to help each student achieve academic success. In honor of Thanksgiving next week, be sure to let your instructor know how much you and your family appreciate all their hard work and support.