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How Kumon Prepares Your Children for Future Academic Success

When Toru Kumon developed the Kumon Method in 1954, his primary goal was to help students unlock their potential and achieve lasting academic success. The Kumon Program aims to develop students’ individual skills to prepare them for high school and college level coursework. Check out how Kumon Worksheets, Kumon Instructors and the Kumon Classroom can help your children achieve lasting success.

The Kumon Instructor

The Kumon Instructor helps guide students through the process of academic enrichment. After conducting a placement test, the instructor develops a customized learning curriculum based on each student’s individual needs and abilities to set him or her up on the best path toward success.  As your child completes his or her Kumon Worksheets at the center, the instructor is available to offer guidance and assistance as needed to help your child as he or she progresses throughout the Kumon Program.

The Kumon Classroom

The Kumon Classroom provides students with a quiet and academic-rich environment that encourages them to learn independently. Once enrolled in the Kumon Program, each student hands in his or her completed Kumon Homework and begins working on Kumon Classwork. Once a student’s classwork is successfully completed, the student leaves the center with Kumon Worksheets to work on at home throughout the week.

At the Kumon Center, the student is encouraged to independently solve the problems on each Kumon Worksheet. As the student successfully progresses through the Kumon Program and develops self-study skills, he or she gradually builds confidence and a sense of accomplishment for each worksheet completed. When a student needs encouragement, the Kumon Instructor is always there to motivate the student to persevere.

The Kumon Worksheet

Kumon Worksheets cover topics from counting to calculus and phonics to Shakespeare. Each worksheet is developed to help a student understand how to solve each problem, enabling him or her to learn independently. Since each worksheet is carefully designed to build on top of the previous lesson, a student gradually builds his or her understanding of critical math and reading topics. When each worksheet is completed with 100% accuracy, the student has successfully acquired the skills and knowledge to continue to the next step of the Kumon Program.

The daily routine of completing Kumon Worksheets helps the student develop valuable study skills used  in high school, college and graduate level studies. A student’s daily Kumon practice helps him or her develop into a responsible, independent learner.

Pease contact your local Kumon Center for more information on how the Kumon Program can set your child up for academic success.