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How Science and Math are Related

Math plays more of a role in our lives than many people realize. Math is also a huge part of your child’s studies in science. Although science may appear to be quite a different subject, the study of math can ultimately help your child more readily understand concepts in science.

At its essence, science is the study of how the universe – and the things that exist in this universe – work. Math can reveal and relate what scientists discover by helping them find relationships between an experiment’s hypothesis and the data that is collected. By using statistics, scientists can use data as evidence to either support or dispute their original theories. Without the application of math in this regard, proving or disproving scientific theories would be impossible.

The ability to accurately determine calculations or scientific principles is largely the result of the relationship between math and science. In physics, calculus and differential equations are used in order to study complex relationships between one property and another. Some examples of this are the centripetal force a moving object exerts or the gravitational force that the Earth has on its satellites, including the moon.
Science applies both simple and complex mathematical concepts, such as measuring the amount of chemicals to use in a solution or figuring out the velocity required in order for the Mars Curiosity to safely land on Mars. At its most basic, math is a tool that reinforces scientific theories; at its most complex, it can be a driving force that powers scientific discovery. By helping your child practice math, you are also helping to improve his or her science skills.