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How the Kumon Program Helps Students Achieve Success

Developing analytical skills is an important aspect of every child’s learning process. Once developed, children are able to strengthen their critical thinking skills and use that knowledge to draw conclusions. All of this however, is not possible without establishing a clear understanding of the basics. Through the step-by-step learning process of the Kumon Program, students gradually develop the skills needed to solve increasingly difficult concepts.

When Kumon Students are able to solve problems with ease, they are ready to advance to the next level of the Kumon Program.  Over the course of Kumon study, students gradually build their understanding of the critical math and reading concepts they’ll need to excel in high school. As students advance through the Kumon Program, so does their ability to solve more difficult problems. For example, a student studying subtraction problems in Kumon like  4 – 1 or 5 – 1 only does so after showing they are able to complete addition problems like 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 with ease. Once the student demonstrates success in this concept, he or she would progress to the next Kumon level, applying the skills learned from the previous level.

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