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How These Sisters’ Contrasting Perspectives Have Led to Success in Kumon

Reyshum and Naveen with paint on their hands

Sisters Reyshum and Naveen are complete opposites. Reyshum prefers long hair, but Naveen keeps hers short. Reyshum enjoys the challenge of competitive swimming, while Naveen enjoys the freedom of hip hop dancing. Reyshum loves Kumon, but Naveen dislikes having to do worksheets every day. Despite their differences, they both agree on one thing—Kumon works.

How These Sisters’ Contrasting Perspectives Have Led to Success in Kumon

Naveen is a bit of a free spirit. Her favorite activity is dancing. When asked why she prefers dance to other pursuits, she said, “I really love dance because you get to let it out, you get to be free, and you get to be yourself.”

Perhaps it’s no surprise that someone with Naveen’s personality would complain about Kumon. After all, daily work doesn’t exactly scream, “freedom.” However, Naveen has excelled in the Kumon Program, and acknowledges that it’s made school much easier for her. She doesn’t have to worry about schoolwork since Kumon has helped her get ahead of her peers. While her classmates are still completing their work, she gets to read or do something else she likes, since she typically finishes before everyone else.

Naveen dancing

Naveen may complain about having to do Kumon every day, but she would still recommend the program to her friends. She knows it will benefit her when she’s older, allowing her to do any job she chooses. In the short term, Kumon allows her to overcome challenges, and has taught her the value of practice. She can move through the program as slowly or quickly as she needs, depending on how well she grasps what she’s studying. Ultimately, she understands that the daily commitment to Kumon will give her more time to pursue her passions, which is truly priceless.

Reyshum at swim practice

Reyshum didn’t have as much difficulty adjusting to Kumon’s daily work as her sister. In fact, she proudly flaunts her love for the program–sometimes to Naveen’s detriment. When Reyshum finishes her Kumon each day, she walks past her dad with her bag clearly displayed, reminding him to check that Naveen also completed her work.

Kumon has shown Reyshum the benefits of hard work and perseverance.

“In kindergarten they taught me [to] try, try again. And I didn’t really understand what that meant until I started Kumon,” said Reyshum.

contrasting photo of Reyshum and Naveen at Kumon

Kumon really clicked for Reyshum when she began studying concepts she hadn’t already seen in school. The first time she saw long division, she was nervous. Not knowing whether she was completing the problems correctly was intimidating, but getting the answers right was invigorating. By trying again and again, she realized she would eventually figure out the right answer, even to the most difficult problems.

Even though Reyshum and Naveen approach Kumon with completely different perspectives and attitudes, they both appreciate how much the program has helped them. Their differing personalities and learning styles are easily accommodated by Kumon’s individualized approach, leading to success for both sisters. With their contrasting views, good grades might be their biggest similarity!

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