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How Time Management Skills Can Help Your Child

One of the many important life lessons Kumon Students learn is time management. By helping your children learn to effectively manage their time at an early age, you are providing them with an important skill that will help them excel throughout their academic and professional careers.

At Kumon, each student is responsible for writing the start and end times on their assignments. Keeping track of this time helps students develop an awareness of time and use it efficiently.

Good time management skills can help students:

  • Have more time for extracurricular activities. Being able to organize time makes it easier to find a balance between homework and hobbies like playing an instrument or sports.
  • Feel less anxious. With good time management skills, children face less stress when it comes to deadlines for assignments, timed tests, and getting other activities done.

For more information on how the Kumon Program can help your child improve his or her time management skills, visit Building Your Child’s Time Management Skills or contact your local Kumon Center for details.