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How to Build Your Child’s Concentration

With the increasing availability of mobile devices, computers and emerging technologies, children are constantly overwhelmed with various distractions. It can sometimes be hard for children to ignore those distractions and focus. 

The Kumon Program has employed time-tested methods to help students around the world focus and work on one worksheet at a time until each assignment is successfully completed. Learn how the Kumon Program helps build your children’s concentration, as well as ways you can employ the same strategies in your own home.

  • The Kumon Classroom

When parents enter the Kumon Center for the first time, many are surprised at the quiet volume among several children in a classroom setting. The quiet environment helps give students the ability to perform at their best. This atmosphere can be recreated in your own home by setting up your children’s desk in an area away from the distractions of computers, mobile devices and televisions. Your children can perform at their best in an environment similar to your local Kumon Center.

  • Standard Completion Time

Standard Completion Time is another example of how the Kumon Method helps your children build concentration. Kumon Worksheets contain a recommended completion time in order to determine if a student has developed a complete understanding of a particular set of concepts. A student who completely understands a concept, for example, can usually successfully complete the Kumon Worksheets within that time period, indicating that he or she is ready to progress to the next step in the Kumon Program.

“Standard Completion Time has helped Alison learn to sit down, focus, and do her work within set time limits. The ability to focus is a huge benefit that my daughter was able to achieve through Kumon,” said Dina, a Kumon Mom from Toronto who shared how Standard Completion Time helped her daughter.

Set time limits for your children to complete their homework by a given time period. This activity helps mimic the way your children complete their Kumon Worksheets. It also encourages them to complete their assignments within that time period, as well as develops time management skills.

  • Individualized Curriculum

The Kumon Program is developed based on a student’s individual needs and abilities. The pace at which a student progresses throughout the Kumon Program is dependent upon each student’s understanding of concepts. Since the curriculum is set by each student’s individual pace, students have the opportunity to study challenging topics at a rate where they fully understand each concept. Students work together with their instructor to maintain a successful Kumon lesson plan, which encourages and motivates them to challenge themselves in their studies.

You can model this method in your home by encouraging your children to research a topic that interests them independently. For example, if your children love learning about space, encourage them to read books on that topic and visit your local planetarium.