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How To Get Your Child To Talk About School

Getting your child to talk about school

We all know that after school conversation between parents and children. You ask, “How was school today”? and they quickly respond, “Good”. School is a big part of your child’s life but as a parent, it’s common to feel disconnected from that. Of course, there are always resources such as parent-teacher conferences, parent portals, and report cards, but these resources do not give you insight into your child’s experience. We might be able to help you navigate these conversations more effectively with these tips.

Avoid Vague Questions

The conversation starts with you. Avoid vague questions like “How was your day?” and instead ask specific questions. Ask questions like “What did your teacher talk about today?” or “What concepts are you learning in math this week?” Once you set up the prompt, it is likely that your child will respond in a more detailed account.

Get Your Child to Teach You Something

Kids love to feel smart! Ask your child to teach you something they learned that week. Not only does this help you get a feel for how your child is doing in class, but it also is a great way to study by practicing and reinforcing the subject.

Pit and Peak of the Week

While you may be concerned about your child’s struggles, it’s important to be aware of their strengths and accomplishments as well. Make sure to ask them about both! Start by asking them about what challenges they’ve faced at school this week such as:

● What’s something that confused you today?

● What’s something that you found hard today?

These questions can go beyond academics, extending to social relationships. Perhaps ask them about disagreements at recess or during group work. This can open up a conversation that can benefit your child. Teach them to resolve the issues that they can control! End the conversation on a positive note! Ask questions like:

● What’s something fun that happened this week?

● What’s something that you’ve accomplished this week?

● What’s something that made you smile today?

● What’s one nice thing you did for someone today?

Asking these kinds of questions can help them think about school in a positive light!

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