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How to Help Your Children Become Confident in the Classroom

Enrolling your children in the Kumon Program means more than helping them improve their math and reading skills. Kumon is about providing children with the strong foundation that they will need to succeed in high school and college. Each step that your children take as Kumon Students helps them develop self-confidence in their abilities.

Building confidence in students is one of the most important steps parents can take in order to create an atmosphere conducive to learning. When students acquire healthy levels of self-confidence, they become better equipped to handle the stress of school. Not only will they have a more focused and inquisitive attitude, they will be motivated to continue learning throughout their academic careers.

Confidence is an important factor in educational success. If children lose self-esteem, they will become less motivated to learn and will take less pride in their academic environment. However, by building confidence in students, parents can safeguard the most important ingredient to success: motivation.

Kumon helps children build self-esteem by providing them with appropriate math and reading problems based on their abilities and needs. During the early stages of the Kumon Program, children study concepts that they have previously covered for two principle reasons. Firstly, starting children at levels slightly below their capabilities helps ensure that they fully comprehend each subject before progressing onto more difficult topics. Secondly, during this phase of the Kumon Program, as children successfully complete each worksheet, they begin building their self-confidence and become more motivated to learn. As they progress through the Kumon Program, their confidence levels increase even further as they work harder to achieve their ultimate goal of academic success.

For more information on how Kumon can help build your children’s self-esteem, visit to locate a center near you and speak to the Kumon Instructor.