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How to Help Your Children Want to Succeed

“Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.” -Johann Gottfried Von Herder

When children are motivated to succeed, they can do anything. But sometimes children need some extra help from their parents in order to create that desire to succeed academically. They may need some extra motivation in order to achieve specific goals such as making the honor roll, or general ones such as building critical thinking skills or improving overall math skills. Below are ways that can motivate your children to succeed and how Kumon Math and Reading Programs can help your children as well.

  • Proficiency

Encourage your children to trust in their abilities and they will believe in themselves. For example, when your children come home from school, ask them to teach you what they learned that day. Another example is by allowing your children to work independently to complete an assignment. When your children successfully complete the assignment, be sure to praise their efforts.

Kumon Math and Reading Programs use repetition to help build strong work skills that your children need to progress from counting to calculus and learning the alphabet to advanced reading.


  • Independence

Give your children some freedom to make decisions based on their age and grade level. You are helping to build their confidence and allowing your children to actively participate in their academic success. Let your children choose which subject they want to start with or whether homework is done before or after an afternoon snack.

Kumon Math and Reading Programs help promote your children’s independence and give them confidence through the focus of independent learning. Through this style of learning, your children will be given the tools and confidence that they need to succeed through self-learning.


  • Individualization

In order to ensure that your children are engaged in their studies, try to make their assignments relevant to their interests and daily activities. For example, if your children love baseball but dislike reading, try sharing a book about their favorite team or specific player, such as Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron. If your children love science but find math a bit boring, try showing your child how math and science are related.

Kumon can help your children advance at their own pace in order to develop the strong study skills that they will need in order to ensure academic success, through its individualized learning program, based on your children’s specific abilities.

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